How to Write an Accessibility Plan
to Comply with the Accessible Canada Act by June 1st.

The Accessible Canada Act requires all federally regulated employers with less than 100 employees to prepare and publish Accessibility Plans on their websites by June 1, 2024.

Use our template and online training to show progress you are identifying, removing and preventing barriers that hinder people with disabilities from full and equal participation in your workplace and in society.

Use our services to show how you are consulting persons with disabilities in preparing and updating your accessibility plans as required by the Accessible Canada Act.

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How to develop a workplace accommodation policy: purpose of the policy, duty to accommodate as required by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, undue hardship exemption, roles and responsibilities, employee and job applicant requests and documentation, medical information requirements.

How to keep employees with disabilities safe during emergencies. How employees with disabilities can notify you confidentially about their needs during an emergency. What information you should include in an employee workplace emergency response plan.