About Us Accessibility Canada

Accessibility Canada is a consulting and training firm set up specifically to ensure your organization’s full compliance with the Accessible Canada Act.

Our team of experts has been hand-picked to provide the specialized skills needed to address your organization’s unique needs. We come from all backgrounds in the key areas addressed by the legislation, including the following 7 priority areas for action:

built environment
information and communication technologies
procurement of goods, services and facilities
design and delivery of programs and services

Each standard has specific requirements and timelines – all designed to eliminate barriers.

If you or your staff do not have the dedicated time necessary to address the detailed Accessibility Plan required, then we can make the task a lot easier. And we will ensure your organization’s full compliance with the law, every step of the way.

We are confident that a brief online demonstration will establish our unique position to ensure you comply with the Accessible Canada Act, including additional optional services to focus right in on your unique needs.

We will work with you to identify gaps and develop strategies to remove barriers including:

  • Architectural or structural
  • Information and communications
  • Technology
  • Systemic
  • Attitudinal

Rather than offering ‘one size fits all’, we offer an extensive suite of services that can be bundled specifically for your organization beginning with your Accessibility Plan.

Contact our president, Steve Gibson B.Sc., LL. B at 647-812-0477 or email sgibson@accessibilityincanada.com

Accessibility Canada is a national organization with offices in Winnipeg and Toronto.